The stories behind the stories:

(The actual clips are posted in the "What" section along with my other published materials)


One of the first clips I published in The Crow's Nest was "Meningitis shot mandatory for campus residents," which appeared in Volume 42, Issue 1, on January 22nd, 2008. This story was originally written for my beginning reporting class, the goal of which was to be published in the campus newspaper. Although my professor at the time did not like the way my story was written, I chose to submit it to The Crow's Nest anyway. A few days later, I received an email from the Editor-In-Chief, who told me she liked my story and wanted to publish it in the school paper. My story was put on the front page, and I was told a year later that my initiative and determination to be published - in addition to the research and writing itself - were key factors in being chosen as a staff writer.


I wrote "Chess club offers students the chance to rekindle their love of the game," for The Crow's Nest during the spring of 2009. While talking to some friends, I heard about a young man who claimed he could play chess with 20 people at once, a fact that both astonished and intrigued me. I knew I had to write about him someday, and was finally given the opportunity after I learned he planned to perform in a simultaneous exhibition. I stuck around during one of the Chess Club's meetings, spoke to a few members and finally met the man himself.


"Students catch a wave in Costa Rica" was one of my favorite stories to write for The Crow's Nest. I especially enjoyed talking to the students who went on the trip and writing about their experiences, most notably the time when they accidently went surfing alongside crocodiles. This story made me realize how much I like writing feature pieces related to travel. It was a moment of epiphany for me and ignited my desire to become a travel writer.


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