My name is Kaeli Conforti and I am a writer, photographer and editor who loves to travel. 

I am originally from Floral Park, New York. I lived there until my family moved to Kailua, Hawaii, when I was seven. Besides spending the next seven years of my life learning to dance the Hula, I enjoyed meeting all the different people who lived in Hawaii, taking pictures of the breathtaking views and writing about my experiences.

In 2001, after much deliberation, my family relocated to the Tampa Bay area. During my time in Florida, I honed my journalistic talents by joining the yearbook staff in high school, which suited me perfectly since I loved to take pictures, talk to people and cover school events.

At the University of South Florida St. Petersburg, I became a staff writer for our student newspaper, The Crow's Nest. This opportunity allowed me to see how much I enjoyed reporting, editing, and interviewing  people I might not otherwise have had the chance to talk to. It allowed me to shed any fear of talking to new people, helping me to become a better writer.

In December of 2010, I moved back to New York for an Editorial Internship with Budget Travel, and was eventually hired as their Digital Editorial Assistant. This is only the beginning...


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